The use of packing peanuts

When we talk about packing peanuts we usually refer to S shaped and asymmetric pieces of polystyrene which are used to package delicate goods in order to prevent damage to the items. In certain packaging methods the peanuts are used in more quantity than in others. The shapes might differ which come as 8s or as tubes. These are used to fill the air gaps in packaging boxes. This is done to ensure that items do not move around inside the packaging boxes or containers.


Material of packaging peanuts

The packaging peanuts are usually made from polystyrene but biodegradable materials are also used for creating these items. Consumers often voice their concerns about these materials piling up in landfills. They are usually disposed off when packaging material of goods is discarded by consumers. These tend to land up in the garbage landfills, which pollute the environment as they are not biodegradable materials. For that reason, many packaging specialists are taking a look at alternatives to these items like pallet racking melbourne.

Loose fill items

There has been a constant need for loose fill materials for packaging of delicate goods. Loose fill items are used to pack items that are shipped long distance along with packing them with pallet wrapping machine for sale. Wood shavings and hay were in common use in the middle of the twentieth century. Today, plastics are more in vogue like polystyrene which is a viable alternative as timber shavings are more expensive and so is hay which has more important demands of society.

Necessity for non organic packaging compounds

Even though the plastic polystyrene peanuts are non-biodegradable, adding concerns about garbage disposals, this very nature of these loose fills items make them ideal as compared to organic alternatives like timber or hay. The organic materials used for packaging usually bring about certain problems. They are vulnerable to attacks by vermins. Again, disposable materials like newspapers are not a good option as well since the papers tend to get compressed and do not hold their form when placed in compact spaces.

Beneficial properties of packing peanuts

The packing peanuts are strong but lightweight. They do not break down even under pressure when packaged goods are being shipped and placed in compact spaces or under pressure. The packing peanuts are cheap to manufacture as well. That makes it ideal as a loose fill item to opt for by many companies and manufacturers who need to look at options for ensuring safe packaging and shipment of their delicate goods. Many packaging firms are also coming up with bio friendly alternatives which possess the same properties as packing peanuts and would cause less harm by adding wastes to the landfill areas.