Throwing A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Daughter

Your daughter’s birthday is no doubt one of the most important days of her life and if her birthday is coming up, you may want to consider throwing her a small birthday party. A surprise birthday party is always the best because it will make her a lot happier. The first thing you will need to do is to put together a guest list of all her friends and family who will need to be informed about the secret. Make an effort to invite her friends at the end as they just might tell her about the secret.

Birthday party costs

Most parents believe that throwing a birthday party for their child is something that is going to cost a lot of money. Many parents in this present day throw massive birthday parties for their children in five star hotels akin to wedding. They spend big sums of money and the sad part is that their children really don’t want that kind of party and this trend is more of a competition between parents to see who can throw a bigger party than anything else. Children prefer simple parties where they can eat and play with their best friends and this kind of party does not have to cost too much money at all. If you find that you are still unable to afford it, you can ask for a small pay day loan from your company that can cover the basic costs of the party.

You may not even need to take the pay day loan if you are creative enough and you find ways of saving money by baking the birthday cake yourself and making all of the party snacks yourself. In fact, most children would very much appreciate homemade snacks over the snacks catered for by big restaurants.

Even the decorations for the party can be homemade. You can get together with your spouse or partner and make some decorations that will be simple to make and still look pretty. You can go online and watch some videos about easy homemade decorations to get some ideas. If your daughter has a favourite book or a favourite movie, you might even be able to get some printed cut outs of her favourite characters that you can use on the decorations to make it more personalized. The key is that she and her friends have fun so make sure you organize lots of games and fun activities for them during the party and make sure you give out some free gifts to all the little guests at the end.